Hello and welcome to Piano Adventures Beacon!

Trial lessons are available for potential new students and their parents, or adults before committing to the studio. Trial lessons give us time to meet, introduce the piano, play music games and have a family interview (required) to make sure it's the right fit. Please email pianoadventuresbeacon@gmail.com to schedule a trial lesson.

Sarah L. Terrell has been working with young people for 20 years. She received her M.A in educational theater from New York University as well as a B.F.Afrom the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts. While a voice major at KU, she studied piano with Professor Alice Downs, soloist with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. As a student, she played solos in many regional and state piano festivals. It was there she learned how to receive constructive criticism from adjudicators and in turn, strive for improvement; a skill that has proved to have lifelong benefits beyond music education. Her former work as education programs director at the Paramount Center for the Arts (Peekskill) and TADA! Youth Theater (NYC) and have helped to hone her skills working with young people of all ages. She believes that teaching piano takes theatrical skills to help convey ideas about what the student is playing and why. In her home studio, Sarah provides a nurturing, patient environment combined with high expectations. Young students learn valuable skills like diligence, practice goals, how to receive constructive feedback, and most importantly, how to play musically and find the emotion in music while telling the "story" of the piece. Her students play graded solos at NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) and consistently receive "outstanding" ratings