Vincitore's Hudson Valley Piano Center Poughkeepsie
Local music store where you can purchase/rent pianos.

Faust & Harrison, White Plains
NY area’s largest piano dealer. Yamaha Pianos & other top brands. America's foremost Steinway Rebuilder. Vast selection.


Amazon: For purchasing a digital piano. It should have 88 weighted keys, a pedal, bench and a music stand.  Get the bundle. Yamaha usually has a digital for every budget.

A word of advice when you see “free piano” Just because someone is getting rid of a piano, does not mean it's for you and your family. Go and play it. Check the soundboard to make sure it is not warped or cracked. Best of all, have a piano technician or tuner go and look at it before you bring it home. Why bring something home that cannot hold it’s tune and will be difficult to resell when you want to upgrade?

Websites and Apps

Learn about composers!

Noterush App for Iphone or Android.

A must to help a young musicians mark time and keep a steady beat by giving a regular tick sound at a selected rate.