Students are required to take one of three summer options to keep them engaged and active in piano — of course you may register for more!  Please understand that it’s my policy that only those who continue to study — whether in a group camp or private lessons — during the summer will be guaranteed a place for Fall.
By the way, feel free to enjoy a week of camp AND some private lessons, why hold back?

I offer 3 summer options at $175 each see below:

1. One week of camp*3 -5 students (6 hours total) Increases to $210 if only two students.

2. Four 30 minute private lessons

3. Two 60 minute private lessons — Grades 4+

Choose your camp week below OR indicate if private lessons suit you best. I highly recommend summer as a social time for piano students. Learning and playing music together is fun!

6 hours total.
Grades 1+ only
Tue/Wed/Thurs 10am - 12 pm
Perform for family and friends on the Thursday of the week

Choose Camp Week(s)
Camp themes will be chosen based on which students enroll. Ages will be grouped together. Please let me know your interest in camp as SOON as you can so I can group kids by age. Choices include: I've Got the Blues Broadway & Pop with or w/o Singing I feel Jazzy So you want to be a composer? Group Piano for 4 or more Duet/Trios Teen/Tween Week Pop/Rock grades 5 -7 Very Beginner Group piano (new students only)
Private Lessons *
Privates will only be scheduled on the Tues/Wed/Thurs of the week. Please note that camps are 10am -12 noon so privates will be scheduled AFTER that. Camps are strongly encouraged for grades K-6.
PayPal payments may be sent to sarahlaineterrell@gmail.com choosing the "send to personal" option only. Apple Pay: Text me with your Iphone 917.449.4029 Venmo is also accepted @pianoadventuresbeacon