Studio Policies & General Information

Every school year (or whenever you start as a new student) a non refundable registration fee ($40 for one student, $75.00 for two +) will be required to ensure that your student/s gets added into the school year schedule. No student will be added to the schedule without the registration fee.

Annual Registration fees help to cover non teaching time which includes:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Teacher supplies: music library additions, paper, ink, pens, pencil, stickers and office materials

  • Time spent on scheduling, lesson and repertoire planning

  • Website maintenance and technology

  • Emailing, texting and phone calls

  • Professional affiliations

BILLING:  The school year is billed in total from September to June. Piano tuition includes all lessons, group piano parties, holiday party, trips to assisted living facilities, recital day and recital fee, and non teaching time planning. The cost is not based solely on the teaching time. It is a yearly package.

DATES:    September 6, 2019 - June 19, 2020. Please click the ‘calendar’ tab to view detailed information about dates and days off.


NYSSMA Solo Festival (New York State School Music Association)  May, 2020               

Studio Recital, Sunday June 14, 2020 3:00-5:30 pm.


  • Private Lessons   (30 min)      Grades preK - 5th grade                  

  • Private Lessons   (45 min)      Minimum required for grades 6 +   

  • Private Lessons  (1 hour)    For adults and grade 8+ students interested in competition or All State level 5 or 6 NYSSMA.

  • Group Lessons: Students come and share the hour. Social and cost effective!  

Full sessions are required although joining halfway through a session already in progress is possible! Please call, text or email for details 917.449.4029.


Learning an instrument is not an academic subject, therefore a minimum of 4, 30 minute OR 3, 45 minute lessons during the summer will  be required to maintain a place in the studio during the next school year. This requirement is to benefit the student and help maintain prior achievements. It is unfair to the student to quit for the summer and expect them to return in the fall remembering what was learned the previous year. Additional lessons beyond the required minimum are strongly encouraged to help keep tears, frustration and the words "I want to quit" out of your child's vocabulary.

If you are on holiday the entire summer and you cannot commit to piano for your child, the  summer session fee is still required to hold your spot for fall. When I don't see your student in the summer, I have to open the studio for new students to join in your place. Those new students will get priority when the school year arrives.   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this policy.


1. The total amount for each semester is due BEFORE the new semester begins. A $25 late fee will be applied per week if payment is not paid when due.

2. Full Payment is appreciated and as a 10 year anniversary thank you: take $100.00 off your total if paid in full. (2019-20)

3. An installment plan is available by clicking the “Tuition Installment Plan” tab here on the website. Funds will be deducted automatically throughout the year in quarterly payment. You can use a debit, credit card or PayPal through this plan. This page is password protected and only available to families who currently study.


 In order to build a student's musical library, parents will be asked frequently to purchase piano books or pieces that compliment their regular lesson books. Working on varied pieces from different genres is essential.


There are NO make up lessons.


NEW UPDATED POLICY! Most of the time, I have found that roads are accessible even though a school district may close. I will be open for school snow day cancellations. If you choose not to come, we can have a Facetime lesson or you can record your practice and/or I can make assignments by video and phone calls during your scheduled lesson time. My time is yours on a snow day. It will be up to you to use it.

Please note that I am teaching students within 4 different school districts. I will be available to teach unless cities completely shut down.


School vacations are built into the school year of piano.  If you choose to be away on a non-school holiday then you choose to lose that lesson or you can “swap” with another student using the studio SWAP LIST.


In general, I follow the Beacon City School district so please check my calendar on this website for details.


 If  I  have to cancel for any reason, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will schedule a make-up lesson.        


All students stop taking lessons at some point. Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully, openly and honestly with plenty of discussion between parents, student and teacher so we can complete the year with a positive sense of closure.   

With this in mind, 60 days notice (2 months) in writing is required for termination of lessons.  I keep two months and refund the balance.  If stopping immediately with no notice, Piano Adventures Beacon holds a non refundable $300.00 (2 months) fee to help cover the time and cost of finding a replacement student.

There is no transferring tuition paid for one sibling onto the other sibling should one quit mid session. 

Thank you for your cooperation with these policies and please contact me with any questions!

Sarah L. Terrell