Q: Is my child ready for piano lessons? 


  • If my child is under the age of nine, I have the time to help monitor practice.
  • If my child is under the age of fifteen, I will be an active parent and participate in practice and recitals.
  • I will provide a weighted keyboard for my child when starting piano lessons, and will ideally purchase or rent an acoustic piano within 6 months to a year of lessons. 
  • I will be on time when dropping off/picking up my child to/from lessons.
  • I will be responsible for getting new books for my child when necessary.
  • I understand that my involvement can have a positive effect with lessons.
  • Should special circumstances arise (i.e. the child consistently fights practice time), I will communicate the situation with the teacher.


  • I understand that I will need to practice anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour-at least three to five days a week.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to practice, and my parents are there to help, encourage and remind me to practice!
  • It is important that I understand that I should be prepared for all upcoming festivals and recitals by performing my pieces to the best of my ability.
  • Although other activities are important in my life, I am ready to balance them along with my piano lessons.
  • I will bring all my books to each lesson.
  • I like the sound of piano and playing the piano intrigues me.

Q: Do I need a piano?

Yes! Your child needs to practice and play on a real instrument that is not a toy keyboard in order to learn to play it! Digital pianos with 88 weighted keys and proper pedals are acceptable, but eventually an acoustic piano is most ideal should the student go on to participate in festivals and enjoy the true sound of the instrument.